Paternity matters can resolve issues of child custody & visitation, child support, and children’s educational schooling, and medical issues.  Paternity needs to be established in order to provide the same rights and privileges to the father of a child as a married father would have.


Paternity lawsuits are typically brought when there is uncertainty or a disagreement regarding the identity of a child’s father.  In the State of California, there is a statutory “presumption” that a husband in a married relationship is the father of the child and the legal paternity of that child is automatically given to the husband.  If the father continues to hold the child as his own for two or more years after the child’s birth then the “presumption” of legal fatherhood becomes indisputable.  However, there is no presumption as to the legal fatherhood of a child who is born outside of marriage.


At the Law Office of Lisa Staight, A.P.L.C., we offer services relating to paternity cases for both the mother and father in a paternity action.  If you are a father, establishing paternity and involvement in your child’s life is extremely important.  We have experience and expertise to clearly inform you of your rights.  For more specific information and assistance with your paternity matter, please call our offices at (949) 852-4442 to schedule a consultation.



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